2002-07-08 00:53:57 (UTC)

Unexpected Trip

Not long after John got up he asked me if I wanted to go to
Corvallis to get my books at the library. Well, of course I
did so off we went.

There was a lot of traffic today as people are coming home
from the long 4th of July week-end. The freeway heading
north was backed up for miles. Thank goodness we were
heading south. There were no signal lights working on the
highway into Corvallis or on the highway from Corvallis to
Albany. I think perhaps there was no electric but I'm not
sure that's what it was.

As we were near the Corvallis police station when we went
to the library, John went in to inform them but they said
they'd known about it since 7 a.m. and the Benton County
Sheriff's deputies were directing traffic. Oh, no they
weren't! We didn't see one deputy. We didn't even see any
signs warning "traffic signal out ahead" . Most people
remembered they were supposed to revert to a four way stop
scenario but not everyone did and since traffic was going
along at the usual 55 mph (emphasis on the plus) clip it
was surprising we didn't witness any major accidents.

We stopped off at Office Max where John got a CD writer for
Owen for Christmas for $20 (reguarly over $100) and then did
the recycling. In Albany I used my coupon to buy 2 gallons
of orange juice, 2 of chocolate milk and one of regular 2%
milk for $10 at Fred Meyer's. Then off to Costco to get gas
and use the coupon there to buy two big boxes of cold cereal
at buy one, get one free, bananas, four more gallons of 2%
milk, olive oil and a dozen boxes of Kraft macaroni and
cheese. Interesting assortment, there.

I had started the spaghetti sauce before we'd left so it was
easy to put dinner together in short order. And that's
pretty much the end of my day. Well, except for doing the
dishes and finishing up the laundry. Laundry and dishes.
Dishes and laundry. There's no end to either of those two