Pure Belligerence
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2001-06-28 03:28:40 (UTC)


In the summertime..... i love the night. Not just in the
summer, but this is the only time i really get to enjoy it
because i dont have to wake up at anytime the next
morning. In fact, i usually dont wake up the next morning,
not untill the afternoon most days. Tonight its beautiful
out.... 11:30 at night and 72 degrees. It cant get much
better than that. Ugh, but the first week of july iv gotta
babysit for a lady that my mom works with, shes really
nice, a great lady, everyone loves her, her kids are
awesome (and remember, im the child hater) but she lives 30
minutes away. I live in new milford, my moms work is in
danbury, and her house is in newtown. To get to her house
i have to go through danbury. And since i dont drive she
picks me up. Heres the deal, last summer when i watched
her kids, i went to work with my mom (who gets there at
7:30 so that means i have to wake up at 6:15) and she would
pick me up from my moms work and bring me to her house
because its easier for her that way. I just dont like
getting up that early. Sometimes i even stay up until 6:15
in the morning when iv got a little sumthin sumthin goin
on. But i guess i'll deal, she pays well and i need to
start saving up for a car.