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2002-07-07 22:11:48 (UTC)

Baby Bunnies Attatched

ok so my rabbit had babies, and now i have to give threm
away, b4 i had babies ihad 3 adults, so if i wanna keep the
babies i have to give away 2 adults, Larry and Licorice, i
love them both, i dont want to give them away. But i dont
wanna give the babies away either. i hate this. I'm so
attached to them, my parents wont let me keep them becuase
they dont want me to have anymore animals. I dont see y
it's any of their buisness because i'm the one taking care
of them, they dont have to do anyuthing, it's not like we
dont have enough money to kepp them, we have plenty of
money. there all so cute, i mean i could give away Larry,
he doesent really have a personality at all and i wouldent
mind getting rid of him, i was never that attached to him,.
But licorice was my first rabbit ever and i dont wanna give
her up, she's a sweetheart. besides, she bites evoryone but
me i dont ko who would take her??? and putting her to sleep
is out of the question, i would never do that unless she
was sick. anyway, i dont want to give ehr up but i think
i'll have to, if i do though i think i'll try to give her
to one of my friends, that way i can always kno that she is
safe and all.

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