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2001-06-28 02:49:18 (UTC)


Hey wazup well i am going to junior high next year and i
can't wait i am so excited i am leaving my best friend cara
and my other best friend megan is coming with me cara is
the best she has blond hair and just got braces i love her
we have been friends since kindergarden and i don't want to
leave but i guess i have to. There is this guy just i went
out with him 4 times and he asked me out again but i sais
no becausse he never ever talks to me what kind of
relationship is that but he is really really cute. But then
then there is this guy he is going to grade 8 and his name
is shalvin and he is so cute i love him and he is way
hotter than justin and shalvin talks to me and we just had
our talent show and he came and he was talking to me and my
friends and he is so hot but i think that he likes megan
but i don't know and the problem is that she likes him and
i like him but we think that he likes her but i am not sure
but i really want him to like me but i don't know. i am
going to school with my other best friend kelsey witch is
going to grade 9 and i am going to grade 7 but anyway i
have to go
love ya

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