Randi Lynn

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2002-07-07 21:43:36 (UTC)


So ive been here for 15 days, thates about 2 weeks. You
could say im enjoying myself, although I feel like ive been
here for months, the time just passes too slowly. and the
kids! oh god i dont think i could ever be a k-3 grade
teacher, I'd die if any of the kids were like th 6 year
old, Samantha, You say something to her and she ignores it.
And then She asks you something, you answer it, adn she
says "I know", and then she repeats you, tells you things
you already know, She..Asks the same question voer and over
again even if you've already answered it, and she insists
on stating the obvious...CONSTANTLY. I swear she's really
ditzy. And the Boy just thinks he's all that, loves
throwing pillows at me, LOVE annoying me when im trying to
read. So i've lost my nerve and whenever they throw pillows
at me or start asking stupid things I either yell at them
or throw a pillow really hard at them, or i surpress it and
kindly nswer or say "If you dont do this to your mom, or to
my dad, why is it that you insist on doing it to me?!" OH
yeah, and their mother, Mimosa, She's very unfair. The kids
do things to me, and I tell them to stop, and they dont
listen, but when they tell ME to stop, I have to, Or mimosa
will kindly speak to me about it. Why is it that no matter
where i am Im getting unfair treatment? I just wanna get
treated like everyone else is, I dont want any special
treatment or anything! ust treated normal, anyway i have to
go she wants the phone lata

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