fake plastic diary
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2002-07-07 21:25:24 (UTC)

coffees gone cold

hiya! i dont go on the net for a whole 28 hours and come
home to find 30 emails that were worth reading and another
26 that weren't. i left u till last, cos u know...saving
the best till last and suchlike. oh hey, u did pretty well
on my quiz! wow. u got the same as chaz. aw. i think maybe
i got the answer to one of my own questions wrong cos ppl
seem pretty sure that rammstein's my fav band. popey got
the questions wrong on purpose cos i got like one on his
quiz. so, fair enuff. nobody seems to realise that yes, my
eyelashes are infact 10mm long! thats a whole cm! how come
u were going to the airport anyway? ur not a plane spotter
are u? so who do u want to leave big bro this week? i
couldnt really care less, but i think kate shud go cos shes
annoying. i shud stop pretending i dont care. cos if i have
an opinion then i must care a little bit. strangely enuff
ive never had a model plane. which is weird cos thats the
sort of stuff i like doin. i always used to ask for craft
kits for christmas. and they could be anything at all and
id love doing them. u know what? i have never owned a
barbie doll in my whole life. i was pretty deprived wasnt
i? i had a cindy, a knock off barbie type doll called
charlotte, who was a much better class of doll, all posh
and not slut like. i used to love playing with my brothers
action men best. he had all these really cool accessories
like guns that really fired and a speed boat and so much
cool stuff. this sounds really ridiculous i know, but when
i was little i always wanted to be a boy. infact i still
do. not that i would have a sex change or anything, but i
could be reborn id definately want to be male. does that
seem stupid? ur a bit clumsy arent u? v.accident prone. i
never done much diy, but i can follow flat pack
instructions, which i think is pretty impressive. oh u know
what? going to blackpool for a holiday would be like my
worst nightmare. i know ppl who go most years and they have
a wonderful time, but ive been for so many day trips there
i fail to see how it could possibly be good. my gran goes,
and thats fair enuff. but frankly theres gotta be somewhere
with better nitelife than blackpool. i dont think im goin
on holiday this yr. im supposed to be goin to wales nxt
week but dad an margo have split up (but they havent cos
they went to someones wedding last nite and dad stayed over
at margos) so i dont think we're going. i really fancy a
holiday. anywhere! sigh. well, im goin to summer school and
leeds festival, so i suppose they kinda do count. mmmmm
brownies and ice cream. heavenly. that poem is absolutely
hilarious. my head is now completely fucked. thanx a lot!
love u loads cos ur worth it. damn adverts influencing me
all the time! god, i wrote that without thinking, it was
just on the tv. argh! bye! xxx

okay so this is what i wrote on saturday.......
x hiya x
yeah me and chaz have finally split up for good. oh its so
sad. sob sob......or maybe it was just that id had her cds
for about a month and i needed my shoes so i could wear
them. i did this quiz she made up about herself on the net.
10 mulitple choice questions that u send to ur friends to
see how much they know about u. it was bloody difficult. i
got two questions wrong, but im sayin they were dodgy
questions. but she really didnt make it easy. like whats my
fav band? a.nirvana b.radiohead c.placebo d.led zepplin?
theyr all her fav bands! radiohead of course, but thats not
the point.
and how often do i get depressed? a.every day b.every week
c.just before my period d.too much? if one of ur friends
asked u that could u get it right? well, i did. but hey. im
a great friend. the ones i got wrong were how many nirvana
albums do i own? and what happens when i listen to less
than jake a.skank b.stop being depressed c.sing out of tune
d.all of the above? im still saying the answer shud be d.
theres two hmvs in manchester. ones really big. it sells
pretty much everything. the others smaller and quite
pointless really. actually tho she got her stuff from the
one in the trafford centre. which is also pretty big from
what i remember. manchesters a good place for buying cds
and stuff from. theres also virgin, where we also get our
gig tickets from, theres a music zone and also theres lots
of little record shops which are good for getting rare
albums and cheap promos from.
there are probably many strip clubs in manchester. i
wouldnt know. but theres some areas like that, and then
theres places ive not really been to like the gay village
and all the other side of town. manchesters a big place.
its great. like london, but better cos theres not so many
aw rik waller is lovely! dont be dissin him. i mean come
on. hes absolutely gorgeous and he writes all his own
songs. and wouldnt u just love to have a sexy body like
yeah i love that advert with wycleff on. adverts provide me
with so much to laugh at. they make laugh almost as much as
you do. but then again i would find a brick wall funny if i
looked at it for long enough.
and just out of spite, boredom and general god knows what i
did write u a poem including the words purple, silver,
month, orange and yes, even the word dreamt. okay, the
words dont actually come at the end of the sentences, but
im sure that doesnt matter does it?
its been a month now since u were here
but last nite i dreamt of when u were near
and the moon shone silver in the purple sky
ur orange dress was so angin it made me cry.
ha. ha. ha. rhymes and everything.
anyway, my eyes hurt from spending too much time on the
computer and watching telly. sleep doesnt help. im gonna
have to try putting cucumber on em or sommat. ive never
actually done that before. i mite, just to see if it works.
love u much. that doesnt sound rite. bye! xxx