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2002-07-07 21:20:24 (UTC)

read me...

i had fun this weekend... brsides the fact that the braves
lost to the cubs, i had fun. we didn't end up getting to my
aunts house until like 1 in the morning, so i went to sleep
when we got there.

then sat. we went shopping subtract the shopping i only got to
go to 3 stores and i only got to buy one shirt then my mom
wanted to leave. but she said when i got my check she would
take me to hamalton place. so that cool i guess. then we
went to the game. we didn'y get there in time to whatch the
pratice but i didn't care too much. the braves lost. that
sucked but everthing else was fun.

then this morning i went swimming. then we got something to
eat. then we had to leave and come back here. now i'm
writing on here soo.

i just got this message from brandon saying we should just
be friends and that he still like lacey and the stuff i
knew he was going to say. i could so tell... that he
still "loves" her. but it's okay i understand. and i don't
really want anything right now anyways. i guess i was
hoping maybe something would happen but i didn't think
anything would. i'm kinda sad about it but i'm also
releived. i knew even if anything would have happened
between us, that lacey could take it all away. she still
has him and she prolly always will. so until he knows what
he wants. we're just going to be friends. i guess things
are better that way.

poor beandon.. i just read his diary and he seems to be so
confused... so here is some advice for you..
it's kind of my lifes moto...

whenever something bad happens remember that God has a plan
and everthing always happens for a reason. he never closes
one door without opening another. so just look for the
other door and remember what doesn't kill you just makes
you stonger! so if you look at it the way i do.. everything
is good. you just have to be positive and look for the good
in everything.

well i'm out.