No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-07-07 21:06:45 (UTC)

i'm great

My family in New York came back down today. My older sister
who went up there a month ago came back with them. My
sister Lisa, her kids Taylor and Elizabeth and her husband
Maynard came down. It's really great to see them. My older
sis Lisa and I are pretty close so you can imagine how
happy I am to see her.
My friend Matt's coming over today which should be fun. I
haven't seen him in a while.
Chris told me he still like me last night. *sigh* I dont
know if I like him...haven't put much thought into it. I
haven't really hung out with him for over a month so I have
no idea. *sigh* I dont know. I just dont know.
What else is there to say? Not much I guess. My mom is
making cookies...YUM!
I haven't talked to Nick much this summer...I wrote him a
letter and some e-mails but haven't heard anything back.
I'd call but I dont know when he works. I guess if he wants
to hang out he'll call me or something.
I was in the little pool with my neices and I called my mom
outside. Taylor showed her how she can stick her face in
the water then I got my mom with water balloons. It was so