Kat Eyes
2002-07-07 20:47:04 (UTC)

July 7, 2002

ok, i'm sitting in LAX. yea, the airport. they have these
really cool internet stations that charge you 3 bucks for
12 min. of internet usage. its not too shabby, considering
what airport this is. not much going on other than that.
grandma walked me up to the gate, and then she left. she
did start to cry though. and i tried to call cody but this
funky voice came on (the recorded one) and started saying
all this crap and i couldn't hear if someone had answered
the phone or not b/c it did stop ringing but i couldn't
hear b/c of the stoopid voice. and i am so bored right now
that spening 3 bucks on internet is the highlight of my
day. how pathetic! well, i'm gonna go b/c i only have about
5 min. left on tbis thing and we board in5 min. l8r