The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2001-06-28 02:28:37 (UTC)


Ok well today was boring i mean i worked alllll day the day
seemed to DDRRAAGG onn and on and on!!....oh well i got
home and did nothin i talked to Libby for 20 min. online
then i did the all exciting..yes thats right......SEX!!..oh
sorry i mean i cleaned my fish tank!! WAHOO!! it WAS so
fun...(hense the sarcasm!) then the coolest thing happened
MARY stopped by and had "her" car and she took me on a
drive in it with her mom and her dog(PENNY) was soo fun
we went to the park for like 5 min. and we drove around
then she brought me home it was cool...i wrote to Will
today b/c i sent him this Entry name thing along with an
explanation to alot of it and i also sent it to
Mary...*ouch* my sunburn hurts!!!....oh well i shall
survive!....ook well i can think of anyone/anything else to
do..opps i mean i will go do it...i mean leave?!?