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2002-07-07 20:04:34 (UTC)

Constantly Confused??

Whoa why does life have to be so damn confusing?? I hate it
so much. So many things are happening right now and I dont
know wut to do. Im like here all alone with noone. Noone to
talk to and ask for advice. I mean yeah I know sometimes
you have to deal with things by yourself but this time I do
need someone to talk to. Like all my friends are outta
town, and it totally sucks. For instance why does bad stuff
always happen to good people..answer me that. Or why do
guys always have to be asses and want sex all the time. I
mean god wut do I look like. This one terrace guy(CT) is
like a total horndog. And wont fucking leave me alone. I
try and tell him no and he says well I just wanna talk to
you and see where things go. Its like I told u I dont wanna
talk, I dont wanna have sex and I DONT WANNA DO ANYTHING
WITH YOU. Shit how long does it take to get things through
this guys mind.....or should I say thick skull. Geez.

(I miss you Kora):(

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