Unspoken Truth

Thoughtz I've Neva Said
2002-07-07 19:29:59 (UTC)

wow itz sunday!

summaz goin' by all too fast...uhh today'z sunday. i havent
written in like a week. so if i have a lot to say forgive
me. uhh letz c. most of da week whuz not too important. me
and erin went shoppin' on like wednesday of
thursday?...fuck i dunno..and got sum jewelry. and uhh on
wednesday nite justen dumped his gurl fo' me. thursday he
asked me out. i said yea. i dunno 'bout it now tho. c
friday me and erin met josh and justen at worldz of fun. we
chilled most of da day. i kno wut ur wonderin'..whuz der n
e action. nope. none wut so eva between me and justen. erin
and josh act more like a couple and dey aint togetha. he is
shy. mayb too shy. im used to agressive guyz. and i dunno.
i dont think he touched me once dat day. ook
saturday...went to da moviez, with erin josh and justen
again. i thought mayb he would have loosin' dup. but noooo.
still da same. da only thing we did whuz hold handz. and i
reached out for his hand. damn it should be da otha
way 'round. urrrrg. n e wayz. i dunno. im thinkin' he mite
be too shy for laura. i mean me*. he dont touch me ever. he
dont seem like he even likez me and he hardly talkz to me
unless i say sumthin' to him. i dont kno. i really wanted
him when i couldn't have him and i thought he whuz really
kool when i whuznt wit him. but now i have him and im wit
him. i dont think i want him. im really confused and shit.
but shhh keep dat on da hush. cuz i dunno i dont kno wut i
should do or wut im gonna do?