The Daily Babble
2001-06-28 02:14:03 (UTC)

Life is good....

Today was a goooood day,...I'm very happy today! I hope
this feeling lasts...

I got up early and went to Cath's to get Jeff's belt...we
left it at her apartment when we went to Delaware...and
then started to drive down to Jeff's. I hit SOOOO much
traffic, it was ridiculous!...It took me 45 minutes to get
from my house to NJIT!...By that time Jeff called and asked
where I was and everything! But then I got to his house a
little after 9. It was soo sweet, he was all dressed up
and had made breakfast already! Omelets and cheese on a
croissant [or however you spell it]...So we ate and went

We had a really good time together goofing off and
giggling. He showed me pictures and stuff and eventually
we went out to get a movie and stuff for dinner...we rented
Casablanca and bought stuff for Quesadillas and
strawberries and coolwhip for dessert.

Went back and eventually made some dinner ...everything was
soo good! And we worked so well together in the
kitchen, was so cute, he kept calling himself Iron
Jeff. Hehe.

So we ate was so much fun.. we had candles lite,
drank Dr. Pepper outta fancy glasses and then put on
Casablanca. It was a pretty good movie and we had dessert
sometime in between. Coolwhip is good!

After the movie, I had to leave so we said our goodbye's
and I drove home. I helped my mom with some work she
brought back and now I'm chatting with him for a few

We had so many good moments today and we laughed a lot so
I'm so happy about that...I felt totally connected with him
and we just kept busting on each other...Not in that rude
way but in the way when you know a person so well that you
know all the inside jokes about each other and you both
laugh. It was a good day.

Well, tomorrow should be a crazy day at work...and I dunno
if I'll be able to write the next few days cuz of wedding
stuff, but I'll keep you all detailed!