Big whoaday
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2001-06-28 02:03:05 (UTC)

Another Wed night....and no andrea

Dear Journal,
Tonight,June 27th,2001, less than 85 hours before departure
to Camp Bethel, and alas , no andrea. Now tonight was am
awesome time being with the lord but like i jsut really
wish she would would come to church because she needs to be
spiritually fed. But i wonder if my motives are right ya
know, probably not. i sometimes think they are but i guess
not, but see , i jsut know in my heart of hearts that even
though all that crap has happens that she is the one for me
and stuff. I just dont know how or where or really when,
but i am going to keep trying never giving up but while
giving her the space she needs and stuff. Well i gotta go,
i will talk to you lata Peace!!!

Brian Norris
June 27th,2001