the ups and downs of my life
2002-07-07 17:38:38 (UTC)

things change

well things always seem to turn around yesterday was
horrible and today is prety good.

my neighbor, Orin, ask if i wanted to learn how to use his
riding lawn mower and then i wil do his lawn for money and
i am not sure how much i will get but even if i get 10
bucks a week i will be happy.

u know something weird Orin told my dad that his grandson
was checking me out. hats kinda weird to talk about to
someone . nut it is nice to know that i get checked out
once in a while.

wel next saturday i am going to my aunts wedding and i
have to find something nice to wear. i have this blue
dress but it is kinda small. so i dont know what i will
do. but it should be fun to go .

bob is feel ing better i guess, he is being his old self
but he is takeing aloy of pills. i hope he is ok.

i wanna go do something with my cousin ash i havent seen
her in a long time. i want to spend the night at her house
sometime. i guess i am going to call her sometime.

i have to call the guidance councler because she never
called me back.

i hope laura wins that thing in court with her mother
because all of a sudden her dad wants custady of her and
her mom is going to move out here this summer. she doesnt
want to stay with her dad and i feel bad for her.

well i guess thats it for now