Dark Secrets
2002-07-07 16:49:40 (UTC)

(READ THIS AGAIN) Changes to perform

he called me late, off expected time...i explained
previously that i need him to be more responsible
already...he still did it, but with a much better reason
now, and he claims that it is not his fault, but i couldnt
control myself, i still shouted at him over the phone, that
result in him getting fed up...and shouting back saying he
doesnt want to talk to me and he hung up.. well, jane told
me im the one to blame, after some time i realised that
shes rite.

Firstly, im too " small gas". I have a hot temper, a
stubborn nature and more to mention. I shouldnt have
approach him with that tone in the first place...Jane
said...i can be angry, but i keep it down, not shout at
him, NO ONE LIKES TO BE SHOUTED AT, and they will react the
same way just like he did. He got sick and tired of me
screaming at him...jane said...She's rite. If i dun wanna
be a slave saying sorry all the time in the end, i shouldnt
treat him like this in the first place. It's like giving a
child a special treat of sweets when he is naughty, rather
than hitting him..The mild approach, the gentle way when he
doesnt obey. The more u shout at a kid, the more he would
want to rebel, and not follow what u want him to...She's
absolutely rite.

I have to be a role model, since both of us are that
obstinate. To teach him, he will slowly learn to change.
It's like being nobel in all ways in the relationship..Be
damn patient, damn sweet, damn nice...It's just like a
perfect gf, he will learn to appreciate some day..and learn
from me.

"i duno wat to say.. besides you chose to be with him. so
far apart. you two should trust each other even more. i dun
see anypoint of being couples when you dun trust the other
one. as for you not being a good gf. i noe you can change
to be better. its just your hot temper and impatience make
this relationship wobbly. " jane said.

"oh i can see you spoil his mood." jane said this when i
told her that i tried to control but i get damn angry to
hear him so happy when im so angry abt what he did..and
still he didnt realise.

"no point geting depressed or wanna cry or angry now..
they cannot help you now. they will help you the next time
he call or you call. just dun repeat it.. pls...
think ahead, no use getting depress now."
This is indeed very helpful, the next time we get upset, it
should read this over again, coz it helps, plan for the
future, not worry abt the past or the present.

Jane is waiting for my reply...i will go speak to her
now..We both are getting closer each day..Im glad, that i
have this new friend, she is more than i ever thought.

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