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2001-06-28 00:49:09 (UTC)


Love is misery for me.. will i ever find someone.. is there
true love?probley not... i sit around waiting.. waiting for
that someone to come and "sweep me off my feet" as the
phrase goes..but that will never happen.. heh.. but i'll
still wait..i cry.. i cry for no reason or maybe i cry for
a reason i havent figured out yet.. it doesnt matter lost in depression and i'll probley never find
my way out.. the farther i go the deeper i lost
and it may take some time to patch me up but since i cant
take it i run away and hide..the more i say i'll never
fall.. the more i do.. i cant stop.. maybe im cursed..
cursed to love and lose.. to care and not be cared
about..the road i take is a lonely one.. more misery down
the line.. i set myself up for it..i dont pity myself.. and
i hope no one else does.. its a waste of time..more then before i
hate myself.. for hurting others..for hurting myself..once again... i
fall too deep into this hole.. as it fill up wit water from my
tears...i drown in my own sorrow.. dont help me now.. this is wut i i think... think about the past..i only remind myself of
wut was and never will be again...wut i wished and what if'd.. wut i
cause and cant change.. if only..only i could change time.. maybe..
just maybe.. it would all be diffrent.. but thats a hope that will
never be.... so im sulking in my own misery...