DarkVenus no Himitsu
2001-06-28 00:47:26 (UTC)

Summer job... .

Here is the second part of my hard-drive journal *heheh* so
to speak. Ignore any spelling errors, i was NOT in a very
good mood.

So today I started my first job. Everyone treats me so
young. They kept going 'oh she's just a child'. And I
hated it!!! Because I am not just a damn child!!! I'll be
17 this year!! There was one guy that they introduced me to
in the warehouse though. He goes, 'naw, don't say that!
She's a GROWING child!' Guess who's goin' toward the top of
MY favorites list?
But still, especially my parents, they can't help look at
me as just a child. On the way home my dad told me (I'm
working with my dad so he drives us home.) he told me that
I need to stop thinking like a child now and start learning
that I'm growing up and I'm like Hello? It's a bit late for
this talk! Say like a year or two too late? I'M the one
who's been tryna teach THEM that I'm not just a lil girl
anymore. I'm the one…gaaahhh!!! I can't even explain any of
it in words! I have the body of a woman and almost the
complete mind of a woman…although I will admit I'm probably
quite naïve, because I know I haven't experienced much of
the real world, especially while I'm livin' in THIS
household! But they don't trust me with anything! They
go "you have to get a purse" they think I don't have one
because oh! I'm just a CHILD! And I don't need a purse!
Wrong again! They wouldn't even trust me with my own social
security card. It doesn't help I can't find my student id,
and in fact while I was looking for it I kept hearing my
mom say (about my ss card) "she's going to lose it! She's
going to lose it! She's going to lose it!" gee thanks mom.
I need a picture id for my job and I had to tear apart my
room in the search for it. Let me tell ya, I found
EVERYTHING…except my student id. (I found my "lost" library
card…teehee woopsie). I did manage to find my old student
id…but of course that's gonna make me look younger .