My Diary
2002-07-07 12:13:45 (UTC)

Sunday II

Went to sis's place to watch a movie. Enjoyed spending time
with her, never got to more enjoyable time with her than ever.
Masami called and I just couldn't wait and invited myself to
her flat as I really wanted to talk to her about Rob and I. I
finally got the courage and pick up the phone can call him, I
really felt better after talking to him. I am not sure what's
next, but he seems to calm down a bit and is more willing to
talk now than a few days ago. Relax, Anita. I think that's
help the situation. I know I wanted to be with him so much,
but I can't push a relationship if another side not willing to do
that time. Again, I wish he is feeling happy for whatever he
is going to do.
Next week is going to be an interesting week. Work is going
to be a bit more hectic and I might need to prepare for my
Another week is about to start....