DarkVenus no Himitsu
2001-06-28 00:45:10 (UTC)

Old ramblings...

Due to the fact that my internet access is limited, i have
been writing a few entries on my hard drive. I'll just post
the first two here, even though the topics are completely

1st entry
June 10, 2001
Many times I wish I could fall into an eternal sleep and
live in my dream world, and never wake up. If life were
just one big anime con, then things would be great. It's
not so much the painful things that I want to get away
from, nor the pleasant things…it's the annoying things and
the nothings that drive me to my insanity. Give me more
pain! Give me more pleasure and exhilaration! Give me LOVE!
*sigh * It always feels good to get your emotions out, no

2nd entry
"Got a feelin' you're the one now, my heart is beatin' for
ya stronger, everyday I'm dreamin' of you, got emotions
that are real and grown', can't seem to keep them from a-
showin', just wanna shout out to the sky, please be mine! I
want someone to love, to give my everything, I just want to
be with you be with you baby." Why is it the Sailor Moon
songs that describe these things so well? Couldn't a really
good singer with a contract sing these songs? Wait a
minute I almost forgot really good singers with contracts
don't exist in this era in America so nevermind. Heheh.