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2001-06-28 00:24:04 (UTC)

Im so lucky

Today has been so great. It started about 2:30 in the
morning. Yes thats right i was talking with the most
absoulute most wonderful girl in the whole wide world. I
know people sometimes get annyoed when i talk about her but
dont worry this whole entry isnt about her, it wouldnt be
fair if i didnt mention her though. Yeah we talked until 5
in the morning. SO much FUN. Yeah i hope to spend the
rest of time with that girl.

Well I was at wills this morning so at 5 i went and slept
till 9.

Then we woke up and played shineing force on his sega smash
pack game till about 11:40. At this time we left for
Ashley's house. We arrived at about 12:15 and then we
walked to the pondo and ate some lunch.

Well we ran into ashleys mom while walking into the
Roseland Waterpark and we had to make sure she was out
their at 2 and she was. SO me and Will did some max
rideage. From 2 to 6 we did everything we possibly could.
We went on the tornado and hurricane while ashley was
gone. We were going to do the mammoth but the pump
overheated so we decided to go do some other things while
we waited for ashley. So we did the body slides, the cliff
and the twister. They were fun. We went in the wave
pool. I gotta say pretty boring. So its about 3:15 we go
to get in the adventure river and ashley scares the heck
outta me by coming from behind and pulling my raft away
from me. So we all did the adventure river including
ashleys lil bro. Then we did the mammoth and found one of
Ashleys lil bros friends and ditched him. Then me and will
took turns going on diffrent slides with ashley. We ate
and left.

I came home and slept for an hour.

Their is only one complaint about this day.
Oh well today was great.

To my friends I love you guys.

To Tricia I love you most and had fun this morning and last
night. Love ya ;-)

Laters people
The muffin man

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