never say never
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2002-07-07 08:29:07 (UTC)


well here is an insight to my twisted world. Full of
interesting twist ,betrayl ,misunderstanding, and lots of
sillieness. U might call it LIFE. Even so i have good
friends though ill never use their real names, and for the
most part good family( excluding my mother and Jim).What
more do i need. Oh yeah a life. Lots of bad things have
happened to me in the last month reallly bad and maybe over
time ill be able to explain them, when they stop hurting so
bad. its might be getting worse before it gets better but
reguardless it doesn't matter because there always hope. No
one can take that from u and as long as u have hope u hope
u have a reason to live. A great man once told me u can't
control anyone or anthing on this planet . the only thing u
control is ur reaction to situations, and problems in life.
Thats probaly the one of the most true statements i have
ever heard. Im trying to live by it. but for now life
slithers on and im tired so good night to all
aka belle