A Princess
2001-06-28 00:00:19 (UTC)


Some bad stuff happened, dont wanna go into it, I
customising my own jeans which is cool Liz's idea the lil
chet...My new saying, muhahahaha. Oh great what to wear
2moro, ive get to wear non-uniform on this physics trip im
going 2, we were only supposed to go if we were gonna take
a-level physics, A-hem -yeah right. We're all going in town
after to do what I do best shop, muhahahaha! Found some
weird stuff out about chris,lol, apparently he wears briefs
which speaks for itself & well u dont wanna know whats
hidden in the back of his drawer! His sisters really cool,
she da bomb but chris is a lil scary now,lol. Every1 went up
may n hazel 2nite, vicky so bugs me one minute shes wiv
them then with us same with matt...GRRRR! Carly's b-day
2moro we got her a real cheapy card with cowboys and indians
on saying you are 5 today and put a big 1 next to it using
permanent marker,hehe! Also liams b-day so ive been blowing
up ballons, fun, fun. Well itz getting kinda late I have to
go think, oooh and my tooths wobbly (Itz okay itz one of my
4 remainder baby teeth...I hope.)
Luv 2 dude

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