My Diary
2002-07-07 06:40:03 (UTC)


got up early this morning, went to the gym and had an early
start of my day. I had a nice work out, exercise makes me
feel good.
I am so tempted to call Rob, still a bit afraid that I might
receive a rejected conversation from him. Perhpas I am not
ready to talk to him yet if I think this way. haha! May be I will
never be ready , then this would be any learning lesson for
me on relationship.
Mom and Dad are worrying about Gloria a lot. But they are
afriad to ask her again it as they seem to undrestand that it
would bother Gloria a lot if they ask her about the siutation.
It is raining pretty hard outside, otherwise, I would have gone
swimming by now. It is a nice lazy Sunday afternoon, I
wonder how he is doing now. I hope he is doing well and
know that I am thinking about him.
Life is good... let's be positive!!! Things must not turn out
exactly that you wish for, but things will eventually turn out
just fine.
I started to accept the fact that even things might not work
out between us which is not what I prefer. But I hope the best
for him and hope this is the decision that he is happy to
make. I am tired of myself thinking about him and our
relationship all the time. Positive... Positive .... Positive... I
think I am doing better