Kat Eyes
2002-07-07 06:17:38 (UTC)

July 6, 2002

well, today is my last day in cali. my flight leaves
tomorrow at 2:00 pm. san diego went surprisingly well.
grandma and grandpa did end up talking. they really had no
choice. but they're probably going to get into it once i
leave. but san diego was fun. jay (lisa's dad)'s condo is
very very small. but it's right on the bay. he has a bot
too and we took it out on the 4th of july. then there were
fireworks at night, of course. a barge went out ino the
middle of the bay and shot a bunch off. and then sea world
did a little show. even though i know the barge tried for a
good show, i hate to say it but sea world shot the pants
off the barge. they put on a great show! and so we got back
ysterday and i went out to islands with judy. she let me
drive her passat, like she has been. but grandma and
grandpa don't know b/c they'd absolutly freak out. grandma
told me that i could come home at 11 at the very latest.
judy's newphew john(18 yrs. old) and his frinds nathan (20)
and adam (21) were there also. but we ended at islands and
i had about 30 min. tospare. so judy let me drive around
whever i wanted too. it was way too late, but i went by
marie's house, rudy's house, and joey's house. i really
wanted to see joy though. i mean i haven't seen him in over
a year! so she said if i had time tomorrow (which would be
today) she'd let me drive over and see him. so i did! i did
lie however, to do it. i told grandma we were going out for
ice cream and instead i went to see joey for a few. and i
did get to see him! he looks different. he let his hair get
ling(er). personally, i think it'd look better if it was
spiked. he still has braces, and a lil bit of acne, but i
have acne too and i'm looking into braces so i can't say
anything there. he's skinny too! but it was good to see
him. he didn't know i was coming over and it totally
surprised him. i was talking to him for a minute and he
could not stop laughing! i think it was b/c he's wanted to
see me and he couldn't believe it. or maybe its the fact
that the only change in me is that i'm tan . i don't know.
but whatever. but i did get to see him, which was very
cool. and then grandma and i went to get dad's pizzas that
he wanted. we'll have to ship more of my stuff. (like
theres a shock) but we managed to get all his stuff and
pack my suitcase so its all good. now all thats left is for
me to board my plane tomorrow. i have this gut feeling that
this is the last time i'll see grandma or/and grandpa
alive. i don't know why. and it's creepy. i just can't
shake off the feeling. and i can't help feeling that they
feel the same way.i just hope that for once (ok...maybe
twice) in my life that i'm wrong. i feel bad too b/c i
wanna go home so bad but i feel bad b/c i'm leaving a lot
of my life behind and i'm not sure when i'm coming back.i'm
talking to winter right now on AOL mess. and we're talking
about ashlee.
kat91017: hey
Dramaqueenum1: hi
Dramaqueenum1: i'm on the phone brb
kat91017: okiedoie
kat91017: well i just wanted to sign on and say buh bye b/c
my flight leaves tomorrow :'(

Auto response from Dramaqueenum1: kat91017 hey sorry but
my planet calls intergalactic war or something so i have a
war to fight and survive please wait for my dramatic life
changing return

Dramaqueenum1: sucky
kat91017: lol
kat91017: sorry
Dramaqueenum1: grrrrrr
Dramaqueenum1: grrrr
Dramaqueenum1: argggg
kat91017: sorry
kat91017: :-(
kat91017: what's up?

Auto response from Dramaqueenum1: kat91017 hey sorry but
my planet calls intergalactic war or something so i have a
war to fight and survive please wait for my dramatic life
changing return

Dramaqueenum1: i just got off the phone with my long lost
kat91017: who would that be?
Dramaqueenum1: the only female cousin my age that is full
blood related to me
kat91017: oh
kat91017: cool
Dramaqueenum1: yeah it rox
Dramaqueenum1: we talked for like two hours
kat91017: kewl
kat91017: do matt and ashlee go out?
Dramaqueenum1: r u happy ur going home?
Dramaqueenum1: not yet technically
kat91017: i feel so guilty saying it, but yea. i'm sorry to
say it but i just don't feel at home in california anymore
kat91017: and i miss my dad and my boyfriend and my other
FL friends
Dramaqueenum1: i know and it's ok
Dramaqueenum1: i felt that way about here for a long time
when i lived up north and came down to visit
kat91017: i'm not sure when i'll be back out to cali. i
hope its in the future but it's not lookin like it
kat91017: i just can't say anything for sure
Dramaqueenum1: i understand all i ask is that u never
forget us and the impact we made on ur life
kat91017: you guys are always apart of my life
kat91017: i will never forget you
Dramaqueenum1: i know
kat91017: any of you
Dramaqueenum1: and i appreciate it and if i'm ever in fl i
will be sure to look u up but i never expected u to stay
attached to cali
kat91017: yea
kat91017: i was so depressed the first month i was there i
don't think you even know
Dramaqueenum1: remember we were planning ur escape
kat91017: i cried myself to sleep every night and i like
dreamed about mhs and just like walking through the halls.
it was so pathetic. but it slowly sunk in that i wouldn't
be coming back and i had to adjust
kat91017: yea, i remember that. that was great
kat91017: hey . . remember . . .
kat91017: AND I COULD BE IN HERE . . .
kat91017: AND IN THIS ROOM. . . .
Dramaqueenum1: yep lol
Dramaqueenum1: thats what i miss
kat91017: that was so funny
Dramaqueenum1: i sprained my ankle doing that
kat91017: you did it in the science building for me
kat91017: lol
Dramaqueenum1: u know everytime i ever
kat91017: do it on the first day of skool in my memory
Dramaqueenum1: see u i promise heels or not i will do it
just for you
kat91017: yay
Dramaqueenum1: i promise first day i will wear a sign that
says in kats memory
kat91017: yay
Dramaqueenum1: and then do it in each class but run around
the room and at lunch i'll run from group to group
kat91017: i wonder if ashee would have ever gotten over
whatever shes going through about me and if we could have
been friends again
kat91017: i can't believe she held it against me for so long
Dramaqueenum1: yeah ash is kinda strange though and she is
very immature
Dramaqueenum1: so don't take it personal
kat91017: it wasn't a big thing. people think i beat the
shit out of her or something. i barely touched her face
Dramaqueenum1: i know and so does she but she craves
kat91017: i just feel bad b/c she never forgave me for it.
i hate it whe people are mad at me
kat91017: we used to be so close you don't even know. we
were best friends and after that we never spoke again
Dramaqueenum1: well i think she finally did
Dramaqueenum1: get over it i mean
kat91017: i don't think so. i talk to marie and marie is
some-what friends w/ her and she says she talks shit abot
me and everything
kat91017: and i never said a thing abotu ashlee in my life.
i just don't undestand it
kat91017: *about
Dramaqueenum1: they never talk that i see and
Dramaqueenum1: i think u should just forget people who rn't
woman enuff to tell u to your face how they feel
kat91017: has she let it go and she'd be willing to be
friends but she's just not telling me? is that whats going
kat91017: cuz now i'm confused (again)
Dramaqueenum1: i have no idea
kat91017: ok
Dramaqueenum1: sorry
Dramaqueenum1: ash and i rn't close
Dramaqueenum1: but umm i am kinda stressing right now so
can i ttyl?
kat91017: well if yo ever get a clue, fill me in. i guess
i'd just feel better if i know that she doesn't hate me
kat91017: yea, no prob
kat91017: well i dunno when i'll be online but e-mail me
and don't 4get to KIT
Dramaqueenum1: i deoubt she still hates u and it's just cuz
nikki and i got into a fight
Dramaqueenum1 signed off at 11:16:00 PM.
kat91017: oh, i'm sorry

at least winter is here for me. i wish ashlee and i
could've burried the hatchet or whatever b4 i left but i
guess she just can't do it so i'll move on. well, i'm gonna
gte to bed b/c i have a long day ahead of me. i dunno when
i'll be back online but until then....l8r