Ashley Bitts
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2002-07-07 06:02:30 (UTC)


Michelle is now going out with some Mike guy so thats ok. I
decided not to break up with Nick but its so hard not
cheating on him. Now if I do cheat on him, like hell will I
write it in this thing LOL. But I really hope I wont. Nick
and my relationship has been boring, all we do is kiss and
make out, even though I like him a lot, I pretty much had
to ask him to do something else with me besides kiss. I
mean my god, Im his fucking gf he could practically rape
me. Ive been trying to get this girl Tiffany and Danny to
get out, but he said no. I like Danny a little too. Tonight
he told me he was about to kiss me at Michelles when we
were locking her in her room. I have no clue what to do
with Nick or Danny. I dont even know what I want. I wish
Danny and Nick could be mine and no one else could have
them, but I could just run around with everyone else too.
Thats like the most unfair thing. I like Nick more than
Danny so we will see what happens. FUCK!!!