Amandas Twisted Life
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2002-07-07 05:59:59 (UTC)


hello...my 4th of july was sucky!! i went to lake dallas
and it was sooo fuckin boring...oh well...today joe come
over and we hung out all day. amber(my sister) and her bf
went to see the powerpuff girl movie (which joe still hasnt
taken me to see) she said it was cool...then i was talking
on the phone to charles and he goes "why are u w/ joe
anyways?" i told him cuz i really needed a bf and i was
tired of waiting for him and he goes "do u care about him
like u cared about me?" i told him no and i didnt love him
either like i did charles. so i dont know wuts happening...
im confused!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neways....jackies mad at me:( i
dont know why, but she is...oh well...ill talk to her about
it...sorry these are sooo boring!! im not a very
interesting person...

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