Reality Check
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2001-06-27 23:28:50 (UTC)


I broke up with Casey. I knew it wouldn't work out in the
first place cause we have the same name. He didn't really
like it, but he said he figured i was in the first place by
the way I was acting. Here's how it happened:
First, i'm going to tell you about Regina. Regina is short,
skinny (though she has a little bit of a stomach) blonde
hair, brown eyes, ect. She lives right down the road from
me...so when i moved here a few months ago we automatically
became best friends. That's changed. To put point blank, she
has VERY good self esteem. Usually i like that in a person,
but she just takes way and beyond. p.s.: Casey dumped her to
go with me....
Okay, so here's the scene. It's Mary, Regina, Casey, and me
out in my driveway around 9p.m. Regina told me she still
liked Casey, since she knew i was about to dump him. Then
she told me that he really didn't like me in the first
place, and that she had heard it from "sources".First of
all, that's immature to even be pullin that 2nd grade shit.
But anyways, she kept whispering..."When are you going to do
it? Can I do it?" Finally I was like, "Lord, go ahead." She
told him and he said he understood. Then she wanted me to
talk to him. So I asked if he was okay. I told him about how
i shouldn't have jumped in the relationship when i'm still
in love with Daniel and ect. Then i asked if he would go
back out with Regina. he said, "I don't know. I mean, i
REALLY like you, which is why i dumped her to go with you in
the first place. But i understand why you can't go with me
right now." My heart broke and I was happy at the same time.
Happy because he understood and for the fact that that
statement just proved Regina to be a complete immature
bitch. I don't understand why all these girls run around
lieing and shit just to get guys or to make someone feel
bad. I can understand if you're in the 3rd grade or
something, but when you're 14 years old i think it's time
you get over that phase.
anyways, now i have to wait for daniel to get back so we
can talk things out and hopefully get back together. I miss
him so much.

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