down in my eyes
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2002-07-07 05:37:10 (UTC)

just keep it real.

Though in the big picture of things,.. time is only
clusters of moments built together- each moment.. contains
Thousands of thoughts 'n decisions,that manifest tomorrow.

The smallest choice u make, may diminish or create a
dimension in your life.. whether for the worse, or better
of things. Each decision counts,.. 'n each person around
you, may effect the outcome.

I know who the people in my life are that i love, those
whom i feel i cannot make it thru without.. 'n who are
truly dear to me. I think, these people are the best part
of me. They are who.. allow me to endeavor wut i struggle
thru.. 'N who complete me.

Everyone should know who those people are, in their lives.
Whether its tons of people, or a few,... or one person.
If you even just know that they'll be there.. 'n that
they'll catch you when you fall. To me, those are the
best people in the world.

Success has a different meaning 'n measurement to each
individual. To me, the most successful people are those
with QUALITY. Those who are generous,.. who are REAL.
I find it really rare to find someone who keeps it real.
'n who gives as much, or even more, than they take.
I'm fantabulously lucky to have afew such people in my life,..
'n i cherish them, deeply.

They are soo successful in my eyes. not the ones with the
most money, or the highest title. sure,.. they may be nice to have.
But these are extra,.. unimportant things. they dont smitten me.