starry nite

my own world
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2002-07-07 05:24:54 (UTC)

a meaningless day

so not much happened today. i sat home. brad told me to
call him and we could go hang out but i didnt. i am still
unsure of his motives which worries me slightly. i mean
before the only reaon he talked to me was to ask me to make
out with him or something of that nature and then after i
told him to leave me alone the other day and he came back
later and apologized, he seems nicer. he seems like he
realized how stupid it was what he said, but i dont know if
its just so ill hang out with him and then he can just go
back to the way he was. i want to go to the hellfest so bad
next weekend. i really wish i someone that wanted to go
with me that i would actually enjoy being with. well there
i go again. wishing for something thats not going to
happen. i really gotta stop doing that.