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2001-06-27 22:31:11 (UTC)

*~Day Three of the Rest of My Life~*

I spent a few minutes with Brandon today. I was actually
glad to see him. I got up this morning around 10 or 10:30.
Mom had me go to Blockbuster and Wal-Mart with her. I got a
few CDs to burn, which I already did. I got a few other
things, too. Mom said that probably sometime next week I am
going to go get my school clothes and put them on lay-a-
way. I cannot really type write now, since Josh is here.
I'll write more tonight.

Finally the ass-goblin has returned to his lair...(I went out with
Josh and he is too attached to me). Anyway, like I said, I got to see
Brandon today. He got his wrestling belt. He is happy about that. I
got a kiss from him :) I was standing on this thing in a parking lot
and he stood in front of me and grabbed me by my shirt and pulled me
and kissed me. Damn Amanda...she is such a bitch sometimes. Like, I
am talking to her right now and this is how the conversation is going
so far:

pepperann_3679 (10:41:33pm) : i just thought...weren't you in this
same position before though?
dark_vampress_777 (10:41:50pm) : not really...
pepperann_3679 (10:41:58pm) : with josh?
dark_vampress_777 (10:42:45pm) : my parents didnt keep me from him
pepperann_3679 (10:43:01pm) : i didnt mean with your parents
pepperann_3679 (10:43:19pm) : but didnt a lot of people seem to be
upset when u started dating him?
dark_vampress_777 (10:43:46pm) : not one really
cared, 'cept for you
pepperann_3679 (10:44:12pm) : are you sure? (just a question)
dark_vampress_777 (10:44:31pm) : I dont remember anyone being upset
pepperann_3679 (10:44:45pm) : okay......
dark_vampress_777 (10:45:00pm) : why?
pepperann_3679 (10:45:10pm) : nothin
pepperann_3679 (10:45:35pm) : drop that subject, 4get i asked for
advice...i'll be okay
dark_vampress_777 (10:46:17pm) : okay......

She is such a dumb blonde...Last summer, she dyed her hair
blonde...and she is a natural blonde. She has stolen two of my guys
from me (she's a tease). She had sex with one of my ex's. Her first
time was with my ex-boyfriend Josh (not the one mentioned above).
Then she tried moving in on the guy I lost my virginity to, while he
and I were still going out together...SLUT!!!

Well, she is having a fight with my ex (and her current) Eric. Damn
slut-bunnie. I know I shouldn't say that about her, but she is so
damn stupid. I cannot believe she used to be my best friend.

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