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2002-07-07 04:15:00 (UTC)

Well Berry

Well most recently I seem to be being inspired to write here
when i have time limitations. So my last entries have ben
frazzled at best but i can't really go back and finish them
or fix them cause i'm not in the same mood. I often will
write poetry or letters journals stories or whatever and
totally not recognize what i wrote at all. Like it's
familiar but I didn't know it sounded like that or I could
think that way. I also impress myself sometimes like wow i
wrote that, when was this? I was how old?
I was in the car and my dad asked me if i thought i was
psycic an so i answered yeah. And i do. Which got me
thinking. Maybe i had that dream because he and his
grlfriend broke up. Maybe he's thinking of me, maybe not.
But maybe, just maybe it was a premanision or like an
acknowledgment letting me know hey look this way. You might
be pleasantly surprised. Or maybe if i get into some type of
trouble that he'd be a safe place to come to.

So yeah about my dream. I was at some type of peir or
marina and something must have been going on cause there were
a lot of people there but it was a good vibe about the place
so it must have been a fair or party. Anyway, I was walking
around and i saw pete I was like hey what's up and he hugged
me and was like I'm good and he then said oh T*~*~ is coming
I was like you know T*~*~?? He's like yeah And then T*~*~
came over the hill through some dried weeds with so other
people So i run over and hug him Actually i think Mr.T was
there too but i figured he didn't want to see me so i didn't
seek him out and never really saw him in my dream. Any way
apperently they were looking for the moon and i went to help
them look. It was weird thoughcause every step you took
while looking at the sky you saw different things. I saw the
moon huge as ever it looked so close. I took a step forward
and it was gonna took a few more steps and i saw like 5
planets so close i could touch them and i reached t but
steped forward and lost them. All the time I was walking
trying to find the moon I was paired up with this guy I guess
he was a friend of T*~*~ and he was like right next to me the
entire time with his arms around me and he was like holding
me up like i was't able to walk as if i was drunk but i
wasn't i kept trying to reach out to the sky/ wallrailing.
But he won't let me i just want to reach out but he thinks
i'm trying to like climb over it and jump so he keeps stoping
me and putting down my arm. I'm telling him it's okay but he
doesn't believe me so we're walking back to the rest of the
group and then i guess we were lying down on the ground and
the guy starts trying to feel me up through my pants, ya know
trying to finger me, and i pushed him away and said no but he
kept trying and i kept pushinmg him away but he wouldn't stop
so got up and ran away and over to the rest of the group
which was getting into a empty emergency boat hanging in the
air by string. They were getting ready to sleep there and
hand like a great big quilt over all of them. But there
wasn't any room for me so i was standing there like a fool
trying to figure out if i should wake someone up andask them
to help me or move over and let me in. As i'm thinking this
i'm looking over the group over people and I look at T*~*~and
he sleepily opens his eyes so i look away at the other people
and pertend i'm not there being a loser. And he smiles and
chuckles then lifts up the quilt and says alright come in and
scoots over. But there isn't a lot of space so I kinda just
get on top of him and laid down and we lay there sleeping his
arms around me mine around im we were so close and I felt so
safe esecially from that perve who was trying to get on me.
Well I remember being interested in him in the dream so I
asked about his girlfriend and he kinda shyed offthe subect
but didnt really respond. But randomly these guys (there
were girls too) Came over to the edge of the boat threatened
the lot of us and cut the rope so we fell in the bay.
Everyone at this point was awake and freaking out I told this
guy to row us to a dock but he wasn't grabbing the ores and
didn't know how so i grabbed them tried to remember which way
to move the ores figured it out and got us to a lower
dockwhen we reached there, there were people there to greet
us and attack us so we went off in to a run which insued in a
long chase through out the city i went through many places
trying to get ride of these people who were trying to kill
me, tried to diguse myself. It just sorta ended at some
point cause i woke up. It was really terrifying but has left
me with a question about T*~*~? What does this mean? Is it
a sign? Am I starting to like him? Is he my one? It in a
way would make sense....he'd probably understand me better
than anyone, hell he already has from the few times I've seen
him. I hope I see him soon.