The Story of my Life
2001-06-27 20:19:12 (UTC)


I AM hopelessly in love. Just chatting with him
online for the last 20 mins. or so have completely left
Twitterpated! LoL. We made plans to maybe do something
together on monday. We might go To Family Fun Center in
Wilsonville. I watched Requiem For A Dream. That is one
crazy, screwed up movie. I swear. It has alot of drugs, and
sex. Soft Core Porm. Connor wants me to watch this other
movie 'PI' by the same director. So, we'll watch it
together. ~New Subject~ Alisha Boatman is a bitch, and yes
honey we DO hate you. I was reading some of the other
entries from other people. Muy interesante. I liked the one
from the girl who described her first time. Very erotic. She
is an excelent writer. I must admit, that next to hers, mine
doesn't seem quite so exciting. Oh well. I should use this
space to put down my life story. LOL sorry if anyone who
reads this gets bored. Although if anyone DOES read this, I
would LOVE to get imput on what you would like to read.
These should be entertaining.