Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-07 01:28:59 (UTC)

How i feel inside my emptyness

Daddys Torment

With one flick of the razor
With the first trickle of blood
Came a battle that couldnt be won
Unbeknown to me my soul was dying
I can't even get the will for crying
Death and Darkness come to me
As the pool of blood surrounds my feet
I make another slit this one deeper
I feel the rush, the pain much sweeter
I touch my blood soaked fingers to my mouth
I feel a scream that can't get out
I feel dizzy now
Death is upon me
I feel the pain oh so well
As the pain washed over me
I have a thought of someone holding me
Tis my father over my bloody body
Tears of sorrow and he is sobbing
I have never seen him quite like this before
Screaming my name clutching the door
His strong hands grabbing my lifeless shoulders
Daddy please dont cry
What is this he is singing my favorite lulabuy
Hush little baby dont say a word daddys
Gonna buy you a mocking bird
No daddy stop this hurts so bad
If I am dead then why am I so sad
I feel his hurt his angiush
Goddess are you out there help me please
For heavens sakes he needs me
I will do anything to go back
I hear a voice loud and clear
YOU cannot go back
YOU shall stay
Remember YOU wanted it this way
LIFE did not suit you so I see
Well here is where you'll spend eturnity
Watching your father everyday waste away
This is what you wanted dear
Now forever here you'll stay!!

Death is not the answer think of this poem when things get
rough and remember someone loves you someone will hurt if
you disappear may it be your mother, father, wife or
children or best friend, Some one will suffer with out you
remember this....... Thank you...... love Mistra

Yea yea i know its crap but hey i thought i should let you
read it just in case someone gets something from it...