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2002-07-07 00:40:52 (UTC)

Same old shit different day...

Well today was jsut another boring day in my life. Went to
the mall with my mom and got soem stuff. That made me happy
i havn't got new clothing in like a year. :) God i sound so
mateirealistic... Im not really. I jsut am sick of wearing
the same thing over and over again it gets so boring you
know?? But ya my mom holy shit was she a pain in my ass!!
Every thing i would pick out would be to skimpy (i was
looking for a bathing suit). I was like "mom it's a mother
fucking bathing suit it's going to be skimpy!!!" and she
was all like well i don't want you wearing that your only
15 years-old. Ugh she treats me like im 2 or something.
Ahhh i wish sometimes she would just drop off the face of
the earth. *sigh* but i guess i love her i mean i have to
shes me mom where would i be with you her! Well anyway im
chillin at my friend Jamie's house and everyone is in there
playing some game. I don't really feel like haging around
them right now. Their all kinda geting on my nerves. I'd
just reather be alone. I need my me time. well im out going
to get some icecream with some mates of mine... Laters