Ashley Bitts
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2002-07-06 23:20:38 (UTC)

Thinking about breaking up

Today I did nothing. Nothing at all except turn in a Subway
application. I had to get a new one cos my poseur piece of
shit sister wrote on my other one. I went online today and
all of a sudden I didnt know why I was going out with Nick.
Whats the point in going out with anyone? It doesnt make
sense. Theres only a point to it if your going to marry
that person, but geez now theres divorce. So theres no
point in being with only one person because your just going
to break up anyways. Plus I cheat a lot. Im never going to
just stay with one person, so I maswell give up on it now.
Ive only gone out with Nick for about 3 weeks, and still I
find it hard not to cheat on him. I didnt though. I fucking
should have cos at the Coal Chamber show there was the hot
lesbian chic hitting on me. ROAR. Nick is confusing the
shit out of me right now. Michelle thinks Im never single
so I should be single with her to see how she feels, but
shes never single too. Im confused. This sucks. Ill write
in this thing later and see what happens. LATER.

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