2002-07-06 22:22:40 (UTC)

Perfect Weather

After reading what weather people in other parts of the
country are suffering through I've concluded our is just
about perfect. A tad warm, maybe, but we can manage. It
isn't in the 90's or, God forbid, the 100's. There isn't
any humidity and we're not having floods either. And it's
going to be just like this for at least another week. Okay.
I can live with that!

I finished the Little Pink Vase quilt top in a little more
than a week which is not bad even though the quilt is only
about 20 inches square. Of course, it still needs to be
quilted but that can wait. On to the next top!

Spice has decided that the perfect place to take her
afternoon snooze is right under the bird feeder. I keep
chasing her off because the birds aren't dumb; they aren't
going to come if there's a cat right there, sleeping or not.
We all know cats sleep with one eye open---even the birds.
Especialy the birds.