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2002-07-06 21:17:38 (UTC)

Another Rabbling Entry

Random fact: Rabble, as nikki and myself define it is
rambling, yet with more purpose and meaning.
Score, another boring day and im feeling more as if its
all a dream and if i die tomorrow is that when i wake up?
Today i find myself asking, what am i living for? there is
no answer. everything i do seems petty in relation to
global issues and such, yet the analogy every blade of
grass makes the field green comes to mind on this one.
However, me, i dont wish to be grass. what am i right now?

who am i right now, every day that goes by without me
knowing, might be a day wasted, and life is too short.

too short

words words and more words all of them random racing
through my fingertips, do i think in words? in feelings? i
do not know, everytime i try to catch myself thinking,
things go wrong

at least i think

and where does the true friendship lie?

where has the true friendship gone

can i trust anyone? myself?

too many issues, not enough time to explain, this is just
a log of thoughts... was just a log of thoughts until i
realize that many thoughts are present in everyday

"if you dont choose your religion, it chooses you"

has my religion chosen me?
i think it has. i think i wanted it to...
all the years of catholic brainwashings, my religion chose
all the debating
right now i feel close to whatever they call god, yet am
i? who am i to know? well i believe im going to write up
another entry in a bit, that way this one doesnt become
too much to read for some people aka jonny haha