Nick's Journal
2002-07-06 20:04:36 (UTC)

Why confidence is all that matters

Do you know what it takes to get ahead in life? Brains?
Nah. It takes two things. Confidence and connections.

First off... connections. Recommendations, friends, word
of mouth. The more opportunities you hear about... the
more opportunities you have. Pretty much common sense.
So meet people. Tell them your goals. And pretend you
are interested in what advice they give you. You will
make a quick friend.

Now secondly... if you think you are the shit... most
likely others will believe you. People are lazy by nature
and don’t like to challenge someone who seems like they
know what they are talking about. This is the person who
is willing to take charge and hence... is perceived as the
person who picks up tidbits of knowledge better. Oh look
at this person go on and on about useless trivia. He MUST
be smart. And the thing that gets me... he could be
making up terminology for all you know. Hell when I tell
Nick the scientific name of a tree I see and am not sure
if thats the tree. I know he still has total confidence
that the name I gave him was right because he sure as hell
doesn’t know shit about trees. He just assumes I do.
Fuck human error. These people are EXPERTS. Blah. And
the people who are honest and say simply “I don’t know.
Its most likely this way but I could be wrong”. Yeah
well... they are weak. Do you want the general of your
army to contemplate where to attack? Sure the general may
save lives this way or make a more efficient attack. But
nooooo you want this general to know exactly where to
strike without a moments hesitation. You want 100%
certainty in life. You want the idealistic expert by your

In other words... be a cocky expert. And be a social one.

So yeah... I”m going to be make millions off my theory.
Oh wait... everyone already knows all about this stuff.
Its kinda common sense. Oh well.