Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
2002-07-06 19:51:27 (UTC)


Well i am back again guess i havent finished what i started
to say.....

Well ill tell you more about myself... I am 23 i will be 24
this year.... I have been in one after another abusive
relationships......... I enjoy music and movies and anime i
am ALSO a gamer CHICK...... I play D&D and rifts and i love
to play video and computer games......

But i am also a shut in i am kinda afraid to leave my
house.... A FEAR i cant seem to get over.... Oh and if all
i write seems to be ramdom thoughts well it is i am like
that i have like a billion things going through my mind
every sec..... So anyways.... Oh one more thing my spell
sucks some time speically if i am upset just to let
everyone know......

Well other than that i care very deeply for who i call my
friends... And trust me i have very few friends at all.....
But the ones i do i would gladly give my life for at any
sec of any day... I am very obsessive and btw i am kinda
extremely parinoid about people hating me.... RANDOM u say
yes i am lol....... And i forget allot of things my roomate
Ken thinks that is becos i regress allot of things speicaly
from my childhood and my late marriage... I feel that i can
talk on here for one that even if no one even reads this or
writes back than i will have a log on how i feel from day
to day... Well anyways i guess i can quit for now yay.. for
me bibi Mistra