Mista Of Silent Death

Ramblings of the Mad and Distrubed
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2002-07-06 19:40:04 (UTC)


Well this is the first time i have done this but i think if
i can write on paper so to speak how i feel then maybe ill
feel alittle better....

Well I addmit i am not quite right in the head.. But i have
had allot of things to deal with so to speak over the
coarse of my life time..... I am female and i live in
Tennessee..... I am orginally from North Carolina..... I
loved it there but i pretty much was in a place i couldnt
stay there no more the town was dying and i had a daughter
to think of so i moved into Job Corps thinking i was gonna
finally make something out of myself. HA! seems that i am
only as worthless as i started out to be... I havent
changed a bit.. But i can tell you that i have loved and
lost just about everything that i have ever held dear to me
in my life time...... And the small things that are left
shall be gone soon also..... Most of it is my doing but not
all of it........ I am going next week to seek some
professional help... For if i dont then i think my roomates
might HATE me....... Im getting a bit out of hand.........
well this is my first one and ill write more later tell me
what ya think.....


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