SuGaR RuSh
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2002-07-06 19:24:59 (UTC)

kiss this

hey..i dunno the last time i wrote but hmm..the 4th was
alrite the fireworks were kinda pooie this yr but
hey...yesterday we all went 2 kennywood and i took bert it
was def the funniest day ever my aunt was SOOOOOO funny on
the kangaroo lordy....and everyone won me my 2 utha monkeys
woooohooo and 2 day i went shoppin w/ fam...god that was
bad and i just had food and i tink im gunna die...oh ya
brit gave me the 2 thinkin im keep em' both
cuz i like em lotz :) i got so burnt yesterday 2...mike got
his licence hmm...i think thats out bye