Ashley Bitts
2002-07-06 17:59:40 (UTC)

Michelles House

Last night I went to Michelles house and we rented 3
movies, Rat Race, Life as a House, and Ginger Snaps. The
dude from Life as a House has got to be the hottest guy
alive, besides Mike Cox from Coal Chamber. He was goth and
his asshole father wanted him to change into a fucking
prep, but then the asshole died of cancer. Me and Michelle
are too much of dorks to even order pizza (We are going to
be sucky house wives) so we made Danny come over and order
it. Danny ordered it, and then the pizza man got lost and
called back asking where the house was then he finally came
to the house and Danny gave him the money. He ran away
quickly and Danny didnt know why. We opened the pizza box
and the bastard had eaten 3 pizza slices! I cant eat pizza
cos Im a vegan. Michelle not only ordered pizza, but she
ordered fucking cheese sticks, and chicken wings, so I was
out of luck and had nuts. Dannys fat so he didnt eat, and
Michelles skinny so she ate a lot. Michelle went to the
bathroom and then saw a ''huge cocroach'' the size of a
dime and then she screamed. We tried to kill it with a
broom stick but it hid in the closet. Later Me and Danny
put a dead cocroach in Michelles shirt so she took off her
shirt (yumm) and ran around like crazy trying to get it
off. It was the funniest thing. Thats about all that
happened last night. LATER.

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