more human than human
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2002-07-06 16:08:02 (UTC)

Sweet Dreams?

Gotta love those wonderfully fucked up dreams that make NO
sense whatsoever. So, in thi dream, I went back to Canada
for a day, just a day, and me and a couple of my friends
met up at Smitty's, where my boyfriend and a couple of my
other friends work. IT was REALLY busy, and I used to be a
busser at a different Smitty's, so I eventually ended up
helping them out, cuz all the busser's looked like they
were going to die. For some reason Aaron was working there
again, only I think he was working as a cook (oh god, we're
all going to die.) So I ended up working until close, but I
didn't mind cuz I was working with my boyfriend, who I
wasn't sure I was going to see when I actually came home.
After close, when absolutely everybody left, Travis and I
had sex. In the middle of Smitty's. I think it was in the
lounge, cuz I remember there being a TV. (my biggest
question is where the fuck did the blanket come from)
However, after about 20 minutes, some chick came in, sat
down, and turned on the TV. We were like "what the FUCK?"
She didn't even notice what we were doing. So we put our
clothes on, and I woke up. Anyone good at dream
interpretation? Cuz I'm SO lost on this one...


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