The lost little girl
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2002-07-06 15:36:56 (UTC)


i know i haven't writen in a while..but i figured i would
write something out real quick. i'm headed to troy with
crystal to see laura for her bday party...i'm so
happy...*yay*...:D...anyways...i have to go b'cuz i have
stuff to do before i leave...ttyl and i will let you know
how the party went...love you- janie

daily quote:

"people who are stoned actually think they are ok to
drive. ' i'm fine..really..i'm gonna go..as soon as i find
my feet i can leave'..so you're driving alone..oh no
wait..the keys...ok..so you're driving along..you're
flyin' you think you're going so fast that scotty is
sitting next to you going ' it can't go any faster
jim...it's a chevy jim..'...then ..red white blue red
white blue..shit..so you have your line 'what seems to be
the problem officer?...what seems to be the problem?'..you
look at him and say ' jsfkjso sdfj kjdi kjjfjw kje?'...he
writes you a ticket,..you eat it...OOHH NOOOO...YYOOUURR
GOOOIINNGG TO JJAAIILL..then you wake up and you realize
you're still sitting on the couch in your living
room..*laugh* " - robin williams on being stoned