Millie Wants, But Doesn't Get
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2001-06-27 19:11:40 (UTC)



Right now I am listeing to American Hi-Fi's Flavor of the
Week. And ya know.. it is soooo true with SOME guys
(don't get me wrong guys out there).. they will have a new
"flavor" everyweek. THey don't really care about
you...Anyway.. I went swimmin in a local lake with me step
sister Margaret. (i have 2 step sisters MArgaret..almost
13,Sarah...16.. and a real sister Misty 16) That was kinda
fun. We were sooooo hyper that we switched bathing suite
bottems!!!!! hehe anyway.. we were bein wacky!
Last night I went to watch Margarets double header
softball game. It was sooooo hott at the beging.. but then
it cooled down in the second game. They won both. I miss
playing softball. I play but this week I am at my dads
house so I have to miss them. I play 1st base. So thats
If you are readin this please take the time and read some
of my other one!!! Send Feedback!!

Here is a poem I am making up right now in my head..

Water trickling down my face,
I start to run off the base.
Eyes glued shut, I fall and pray,
Wishing that it would be the day.
Mud splashed all over me,
I wish you'd just leave me be.
I fall head first to the ground
Hopeing I am Heaven bound.
As I wake to the silent wood,
I start to think..was is a dream?