Life Sucks
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2002-07-06 14:53:23 (UTC)


ok i was up practically all night thinking and i realized a
few things... i know why i was depressed. a while ago
something happened that REALLY changed everything for me,
and i was crying non stop for like 2 days. then my parents
put me on medication, so now whenever im not on it i get
depressed. makes sense eh? ok... i also know why i've been
confused so much. BCUZ LIFE IS CONFUSING!!! things happen oh
well. i try to find an answer for everything and its not
possible. and that is what confuses me... ok and yesterday i
couldnt figure out why i was so confused about whether to do
something or not. for one thing i was scared i dont know why
really, and for another thing, i dont know how to explain
it, ok.. puisque mon ami est mort je ne l'ai pas fait. je
sens mauvais. ok im better explaining stuff in french. well
i got lots more to say but i gots to go...

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