the ups and downs of my life
2002-07-06 14:43:26 (UTC)

my dad

last night i was watching tv and my dad asked me why i was
watching it and i said "my sunburn hurts" and then he goes
"i dont know why i even bother anymore" or something like
that and hasnt talked to me since. i tried to talk to him
but he doesnt seem like he wants to talk to me. i thought
me and my dad had a good relationship and it really hurts
me that he woont talk to me. i mean i know he doesnt like i
twhen i wtch tv but i was tired i cnat be on the go all the
time. i swear even if i dint watch tv for a month and then
i watched it for and hour he would be mad. and i have alot
of things going on i mean mom is crying all the time and
she told me to be nice to him which makes me think
something is seriously wrong with him. but how serious?
will he die? or will he not be able ot work anymore? i dont
know and it scares me. everything was going so good and
now everything has fallen apart. i hate it that my dad isnt
talking to me.

when i was in 2nd grade werent that close and only a few
yrs ago i could say i love u to him. b/c i am not one to
say it and not mean it. and 4 yrs later we had a good
relationship and i feel like all that is gone in one
sentence. all i said was my back hurt. has he been holding
it inside of him and finnally snapped cuz i was annoying or
something i dont know. well im going to go know. i hope my
dad doesnt see me crying.