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2001-06-27 19:01:14 (UTC)


Detroit Sweeps Streets - City Still A Shithole

Mayor Dennis Archer has made a bold pledge to have every
street in Detroit serviced by street sweepers. The trash
collected is accumulating in a temporary dump near county
fair grounds, where it awaits contractors to transport it
to a landfill. The pile is about the size of a city block,
and smells something awful. Meanwhile, a lot of Detroit
isn't even paved, and where there is pavement it's in
pretty shitty condition. This of course, begs the question:
How do you sweep the dirt off of a dirt road? So now
Detroit still has horrible roads, no public transportation,
no jobs, no culture, and a giant festering pile of crap
featuring pools of brownish-green water that smells like


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