nobody cares
2002-07-06 13:52:38 (UTC)

im so confused

im so confused and i hate it so much. i want to be with
jason soooo bad it hurts very much and i dont even know
why... the only thing that scares me tho if we do get
together (because its been three weeks now that we havent
even saw each other) is that hes gonna want to go further
than what i want to go right now which completly freaks me
out... i dont know if its summer fever or what but i really
want to be with him. i had that fling partner jon who i
told that i didnt want any more flings and he was a little
disapointed but he got over it and my aka bf micheal (which
i havent seen since june 7 )i told him that it wouldnt work
out which is true because he lives too far away... he took
it hard but hes ok with it now... so i gave up two guys to
be with this guy and while i still wanted the flings from
jon jason wanted only me and nobody else. now that our
flings are done jason is now starting to date other
people... i mean hes still dating me but also other people
and i want to go out with him now sooooo much but its like
the tables have turned which sux and he says to my friends
that if i dont move quickly hes gonna go with this other
chicky that wants to sleep with him... i know wut ur
probably thinking i dont need him but i really do care for
him and i want him sooooo much please help me

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